New Publication: “Germans in Singapore – Stories from 200 years of friendship in an age of globalisation”

Deutsche in Singapur / Germans in Singapore

Deutsche in Singapur / Germans in Singapore (Ausschnitt des Designentwurfs des Buchumschlags / detail of a draft design of the book cover), © Deutsche Botschaft Singapur / German Embassy Singapore

15.04.2021 - Article

A German missionary in Raffles’ compound, the Club Teutonia in today’s Goodwood Park Hotel, the cutting edge Rollei cameras were “Made in Singapore”, MRT tunnels built with boring technology from Germany – probably no one has encountered these aspects that connect Singapore and Germany and what has been missing so far, however, is an overview that traces Germans in and with Singapore and makes them visible in the context of the country’s development.

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary year of the German European school (GESS), the GESS Fund, with the support of the National Heritage Board in Singapore, has taken up an initiative of the German Embassy to close this gap and 18 German and Singaporean companies has made the implementation of this project possible.

200 years of Germans in Singapore – for the first time, economic, political and cultural relations between Germany and Singapore are recorded from their beginnings in 1822 to this very day. And yet this has not become a history book, but a book full of stories on the growing friendship between two nations: “Germans in Singapore – Deutsche in Singapore” - is released in English and German in one to reach out to both Singaporean and German readers and all those who want to get the full picture of the relationship between Germany and Singapore.

Pre-orders are possible from mid June. For more information, please visit then www.germansinsingapore.sg

“The story of the relations between Germany and Singapore is like an opera: triumph and tragedy, joy and sorrow, but with a happy ending.” Foreword from Tommy Koh, Ambassador-at-large at the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We would like to thank all the institutions and companies involved for their generous support. We are particular grateful to the German European School Singapore, which took up the initiative of the German Embassy through its GESS Fund, as well as the National Heritage Board in Singapore for providing substantial support for the project. We would also like to express our special thanks to the 18 Singaporean and German companies, which played a major role in publishing the book:

  • Bayer
  • Behn-Meyer
  • Boehringer
  • C. Melchers
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Evonik
  • G+D Mobile Security
  • Henkel
  • Infineon
  • LAPP Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  • LBBW
  • Luther LLP
  • Robert Bosch
  • Rohde & Schwarz
  • Schaeffler
  • Siemens
  • ST Engineering

Be prepared for an entertaining read!

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