Elections to the European Parliament 2019

Europawahl 2019

Europawahl 2019, © Europäisches Parlament


Dear citizens of Germany in Singapore, Liebe Deutsche Bürger in Singapur,

Every five years the European elections mark a key moment in the life of the European Union and for European citizens' participation in EU-level governance. For this reason, 2019 is a crucial year: on 23-26 May citizens of all EU Member States will be directly electing their representatives to the European Parliament.

German citizens living in Singapore, although living far away from home, are directly affected by the outcomes of the European elections, which have great consequences for all our daily lives and the future of the EU as a whole. As Europeans we face the same challenges as our family and friends throughout Europe, from climate change to data privacy, from our freedom of movement within the EU to our children’s European education opportunities. Last but not least, casting our votes is also about caring for the quality of life of our loved ones back home.

Therefore, in light of the great importance of the upcoming European elections, the purpose of this letter is to encourage all European citizens to consult your Embassy or the dedicated website for the European elections at www.european-elections.eu/ for detailed information about the process of registering and voting.

In this context, please be informed that the Delegation of the European Union will, in the coming weeks, disseminate non-partisan European election information, in particular via social media. I would particularly like to encourage you to consult the EU Delegation's website (www.europe.sg) and to follow us on facebook (EuinSingpore) and twitter (@EuinSingapore).

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