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Book cover Germans in Singapore

Germans in Singapore, © German Embassy Singapore

05.06.2020 - Article

A story that deserves to be told and makes for a memorable present:

Your support will turn the history of Singapore-German relations into a book!

Book cover Germans in Singapore
Germans in Singapore© German Embassy Singapore

Singapore’s “Bicentennial” celebrations have brought about a remarkable increase in interest in Singapore’s history and given evidence that Singaporeans are eager to learn more about the many contributions made by other countries and nationalities to its impressive rise as a nation. No comprehensive publication on Singaporean-German history and the development of economic, cultural and political relations has been published so far, although there are numerous examples reaffirming a remarkable footprint particularly since Singapore’s independence in 1965.

Long overdue to fill this gap! With your help, we are aiming at a publication that will offer an easy-to-read approach to Singaporean-German relations in order to beguile both newcomers and long-term residents. By linking Singaporean viewpoints and its historic milestones to Germany-related events, the book will be of truly amicable nature and find its audience far beyond the German community.

The book will trace bilateral relations back to the first settlers in the early 19th century and will follow the extension of ties through the following decades in all relevant fields until the most recent rise to the prospering city-state Singapore is today. Content will be presented both in German and English making the book accessible for citizens of both nations.

By supporting this project, your company will:

  • associate its brand with a singular project that will be accompanied by introductions of representatives from both Singapore and Germany;
  • be beneficial to an improved awareness of Singaporean-German relations that have evolved into a strong friendship,  thus contributing to deepened people-to-people exchange and appreciation of Germany’s commitment to Singapore;
  • receive a valuable long-lasting gift-option to be shared with clients, staff and friends.

How can you support this book project?

Please contact Mr Heinrich Hubbe at the Press and Culture Department of the Germany Embassy for more details on how to support the book project.

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The book is aimed to be ready for publication towards end of 2020. 

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