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26.11.2021 - FAQ

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All details are available on ICA’s SafeTravel website in the category ‘Safe Travel Lanes’.

In case you hold a residence permit for Singapore (e.g. EP, DP, etc.) you may still be able to apply for approval to enter Singapore under the ‘Work Pass Holder General Lane’. Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs) are eligible to enter under the ‘Returning Singapore Citizen/Permanent Resident Lane’. Entry into Singapore for short-term purposes (business, tourism, visiting friends and relatives, etc.) is currently not possible if you have not been fully vaccinated. Please refer to the SafeTravel website for further details.

Yes. Children under the age of 12 who travel with a fully vaccinated VTL traveller may use the VTL. The PCR test before and after entry is mandatory for all children aged 2 and over.

Each country defines its entry regulations independently. The Vaccinated Travel Lane is based on a unilateral decision by the Singaporean authorities to allow vaccinated travellers from Germany a quarantine-free entry option. Quarantine is replaced by a strict test regime.

Following a recommendation by the European Commission and based on the current risk assessment, it has been possible to enter Germany from Singapore without quarantine since 2020.

The classification into ‘Category 2’ is not applicable to travellers entering Singapore under the VTL arrangement; it only applies to travellers entering Singapore via e.g. the 'Work Pass Holder General Lane‘.

All details are available on the website of the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines (Paul-Ehrlich-Institut)

No. The requirement to travel on a VTL flight only applies to flights into Singapore; going to Germany, any direct flight (no transit) may be booked.

No, for fully vaccinated travellers (please refer to the website of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut) a negative Covid-test is not required for entry into Germany, however, please check with your airline, if they have any additional requirements to board their aircraft.

All travellers aged 12 or over must provide proof of full vaccination or recovery or a negative test result. Unvaccinated children under the age of 12 do not have to submit a negative test for entry into Germany.

Travellers to Germany who are vaccinated in Singapore may use their digital or paper certificate from Singapore to furnish proof of their vaccination status. To generate your vaccination card, please log in to HealthHub and navigate to the section labelled ‘COVID-19 records’ to download the PDF. In addition to this, we recommend to authenticate your certificate via https://www.notarise.gov.sg.

If you are relocating to Germany i.e. you will be residing in Germany, the local pharmacies may issue you a digital certificate. You will find an overview of participating pharmacies via the Apothekenmanager. If you are entering Germany as a tourist, the pharmacies are not legally obliged to issue a digital certificate for non-EU residents.

Yes! The EU-Comission has declared that COVID-19 certificates issued by Singapore are equivalent to the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

No. Your trip from Singapore to Germany can be any duration provided that the past 14 consecutive days prior to return to Singapore were spent in a combination of Singapore and Germany or another country under the VTL-Arrangement.

Yes! You may find information on the acceptance of heterologous vaccination in the FAQ of the SafeTravel Website.

No. Unless you are a Singapore citizen or PR, you will have to apply for the ‘Vaccinated Travel Pass’ and receive approval before departing Germany on a VTL flight.

There are numerous testing facilities in Germany that can be found through the internet. You could also consult any doctor’s surgery or call 116 117 in order to find a testing facility nearby. Testing centers can also be found at the Airport Munich and Airport Frankfurt.

Please make sure that the test result fulfills the current requirements of the ICA

If your pre-departure test comes back positive, you have to self-isolate immediately for a period of at least 14 days (a negative PCR or antigen test is required before leaving isolation after 14 days). Details regarding self-isolation are available on the website of the RKI (please refer to the PDF in English language) and on the following website (available only in German). When making travel arrangements, travellers should take preparatory measures to ensure they have a place to isolate for 14 days in case their pre-departure test is positive.

For vaccinations administered in Singapore and Germany, please refer to ICA's FAQ

Information about Corona from the German Ministry of Health:


The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is the government’s central scientific institution in the field of biomedicine:

The Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedicines:


In CNA‘s Talking Point Episode “Travelling During a Pandemic: How Has It Changed?” it is explained how to travel via the VTL to Munich and back. It is available on Youtube now:


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