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04.10.2021 - Article

What is an apostil?

If presented with a certificate, any authority or court in any part of the world is unable to verify the authenticity of a non-familiar document.

Thus, the procedure of the apostil was developed. With effect of 16.09.2021 Singapore joined the Hague Convention. Since, it is no longer necessary to legalize documents by the Embassy.

The apostil is a note on the document by which the competent authority of the issuing state signals that this is a certified manuscript.

It is at the German authority’s discretion if it requests an apostil for a document from Singapore. This said, it is most frequently requested. Therefore, Embassy highly recommends to procure an apostil to avoid any delays.

Issuance of an apostil in Germany

Die Embassy does not issue apostils. To inquire about authorities in Germany that issue the so called Hagues Apostil, please refer to the Federal Office of Administration

Issuance of an apostil in Singapore

In Singapore apostils are only issued by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).

Singapore Academy of Law
1 Coleman Street,
#08-06, The Adelphi
Singapore 179803
Tel.: 6332 4388

Please contact the SAL directly for further Information.

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