Information on entry to Germany and quarantine regulations

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10.11.2020 - Article

Situation in Germany - travel restrictions and quarantine measures


As of October 27th, 2020, Germany has lifted all entry restrictions for people living in Singapore.

Please note: Due to ongoing measures to prevent a further pandemic spread within Germany, that include the restriction to stay in hotels or tourism travel within Germany, your travel purpose might not always be feasible. Therefore, please check prior to departure in order to make sure that you are able to reasonably prove your travel purpose when entering Germany.

Information on entry to Germany and quarantine regulations

Last verified on 25. November 2020: Singapore is not a risk area, so there is no quarantine required after entry. The Robert Koch Institute publishes a continuously updated list of risk areas: Risk area

Kindly also consult the website of the specific German federal state to which you are travelling or in which you have your residence or intend to stay for more details, as rules may vary from state to state.

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