General Information on the Covid-19-Situation in Singapore and Germany

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: From Sunday, October 24th, 0:00 Uhr CET Singapore is classified as a so-called COVID high-risk area.Travelers who have spent time in Singapore within 10 days prior to entering the Federal Republic of Germany will have to be a) fully vaccinated or b) need to demonstrate an important reason for entering Germany. Entry for fully vaccinated persons is possible for any purpose (including visits or tourism). Entry for unvaccinated persons is only possible in exceptional cases. An important reason for entering Germany has to be demonstrated. The Embassy does not provide any individual case consultation beyond this general information. Therefore, enquiries at the Embassy about COVID-19 regulations in the context of your personal or business travel plans unfortunately cannot be answered. For further information, please refer to the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community – BMI (on questions related to entry and transit), the Federal Ministry of Health or the Robert Koch Institute (responsible for quarantine regulations). The Embassy cannot issue any Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

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