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Germany is an increasingly attractive place in which to study, offering international degrees such as Bachelor and Master degrees, courses taught in English and a system which enables credits for attendance and examination passes to be accumulated and transferred.

Information on studying in Germany

STUDY-IN.DE offers a wealth of information and hand-on advice on studying, research and education and life in Germany. You can also access a database listing all English-language taught Bachelor, master and Phd programmes at this website. HOCHSCHULKOMPASS offers information and links to all universities, degree programmes and international university cooperation.

Living and studying in Germany

Living and studying in Germany is fun. Find some tips on how to make your experience enjoyable. And you are not the only one from Singapore. Get in touch with the Singapore Students' Association of Germany (SSAG).

Living in Germany - Tips for Students

Singapore Students' Association of Germany (SSAG)


There are numerous ways to obtain a scholarship for study in Germany. The DAAD has compiled a database with the most important information for you here:
Funding guide

Scholarships by the DAAD

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German universities are known for their excellence in engineering and the sciences. Find out more about TU9, the alliance of the leading institutes of technology in Germany. TU9 - Excellence in…

TU9 - The Alliance of the Leading Institutes of Technology in Germany

Watch the videos and learn more about the life as a student in Germany!

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